Edosports 043 triathlon club

Join our weekly training sessions in Maastricht!

Do you like to train with other triathletes of all levels? Do you have the ambition to improve yourself and are you looking for good guidance, innovative training methods and fun? Our Triclub is the place to bring out the best in you!

edosports 043 triathlon club Maastricht

What to expect?

The EDOsports 043 triathlon club Maastricht offers several high-quality club training sessions every week.
All sessions are part of a well thought-out periodization plan in which we achieve maximum progress in the areas of fitness, strength, speed and technique. 
The sessions are designed in such a way that athletes can incorporated them into their own training and periodization plan. 

All trainers and coaches involved in our triclub are highly qualified and experienced and have different expertises. 

We value quality, variety and personal attention. Our club training sessions are designed to learn together and bring out the best in each other. Fun and personal development predominate!

edosports 043 triathlon club Maastricht


€60,- per month

Day Activity Time Location
Monday Swim: Technique and interval 6.45 – 8.00 AM Swimmingpool ‘Geusseltbad’ Maastricht
Tuesday (summer) Bike:  Technique and interval  7.00 – 8.30 PM EDOsports Home (Groene Loper Maastricht)
Wednesday Running: Technique and interval  6.30 – 7.45 PM EDOsports Home (Groene Loper Maastricht)
 Thursday   Swim: Technique and interval  5.15 – 6.30 PM  Swimmingpool ‘Geusseltbad’ Maastricht

Saturday/Sunday (summer) 
During busy raceweeks this training might get canceled. 

Saturday (winter) 

Bike: Groupride

Bike: Groupride or mountainbike skilltraining

9.00 – 12.00 AM Parking Soccerclub Scharn Maastricht

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